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Pihu (2018) Hindi Full HD Movie Download 480p 720p and 1080p

Pihu (2018) Hindi Full HD Movie Download 480p 720p and 1080p

Pihu (2018) Hindi Full HD Movie Summary:

The film begins the day after Pihu's (Myra Vishwakarma) second birthday celebration party. She awakens and tracks down that her mom, Puja, (Prerna Sharma) isn't awakening. Her dad, Gaurav (Rahul Bagga, voice just) has left for Kolkata for a gathering. She feels hungry and attempts to awaken her mom, however she doesn't awaken. 

It is then uncovered that Puja has ended it all after a battle with Gaurav, and her face and hands are wounded demonstrating abusive behavior at home, leaving a self destruction note on the room reflect, saying that she would've killed Pihu as well, yet couldn't force herself to do it. Puja was disturbed on the grounds that Gaurav had arrived behind schedule for Pihu's birthday celebration; Moreover, she associated him with having an unsanctioned romance with her companion, Meera. Gaurav constantly endeavors to call Puja, however to no reaction. Pihu figures out how to get the telephone however her dad can't get her, requesting to address Puja. Gaurav says that he has incorrectly left the iron turned on and requests that she turn it off in light of the fact that Pihu may contact it. Not long after, Pihu consumes her fingers. She additionally nearly shocks herself with uncovered wires and consumes two rotis in the microwave and on the oven, attempting to make nourishment for herself. She turns on the spring (water radiator), which following a couple of hours detonates, causing a huge bang that concerns different occupants of the loft square and she holds tight the gallery railing attempting to get her fallen doll. Fortunately, a woman sees Pihu hanging perilously and convinces her to get down. The power additionally vacillates on different occasions. The faucet water floods and emerges from the fundamental entryway. Neighbors see the water, yet think the proprietors are on vacation. 

Gaurav calls on numerous occasions all through the film from Kolkata, in any event, attempting to apologize on telephone to Pooja for the battle, through Pihu. He understands that something isn't right when Pihu lets him know that Pooja has been resting the entire day, and leaves Kolkata quickly for home. Pihu eats the extras from the party, alongside not many of her mom's dozing pills lying close to her, making her nod off. 

During the evening, it is shown that the neighbors are attempting to break in the house, seeing smoke exuding from the inside. Gaurav returns and finds the whole loft chaotic and consumed, with his better half dead and Pihu "playing" with her squares, underneath the bed (meaning her demise). The film closes with Gaurav grieving in distress.

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