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Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal (2020) Full HD Movie Hindi Dubbed Download 480p 720p and 1080p

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal (2020) Full HD Movie Hindi Dubbed Download 480p 720p and 1080p

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Siddharth and Kaliswaran Moorthy are two young people in Chennai who evidently have no family, live alone and invest their energy celebrating with young ladies. They are displayed as independent nerds telecommuting. Siddharth succumbs to a house to house cosmetologist, Meera. He proposes to her and she acknowledges. Kallis has a keen interest in Meera's companion, Shreya, a gourmet specialist. Meera is uncovered to be a vagrant raised in a shelter and Shreya is uncovered to be sent away to battle for herself as her family faces inconvenience from predatory lenders back in her old neighborhood. The folks go through their cash and before long acknowledge they are coming up short. This is the point at which it is shown that they are extortionists, who utilize internet shopping tricks to bring in cash. 

DCP Pratap Chakravarthy starts to research their trick when his little girl's PC detonates. He understands that the tricksters utilize the addresses of deserted houses and public WiFi to arrange electronic items on web-based stages and return or exchange them online in the wake of supplanting unique inner parts with old and copy ones. As DCP Pratap attempts to find the guilty parties, Siddharth changes their arrangement and presently the young men plunder costly things from extravagance vehicles by fostering a gadget that hacks into the locking frameworks of such vehicles. Pratap nearly shuts down on them when the young men take his companion's PC from his vehicle and attempt to sell it, however the young men escape effectively. Meera calls Siddharth and illuminates him that her purse was grabbed. She cries that however just 3000Rs was taken, it had been hard-brought in cash. Siddharth feels remorseful and the folks choose to repair their methodologies. 

They choose to get comfortable Goa by beginning a café with the leftover cash from their tricks and move to Goa with Meera and Shreya. Pratap finds the young men's location just to observe the house emptied. He before long follows them to Goa. It is then shown that, however Pratap was researching the internet based electronic items trick and the vehicle burglaries, this time he had really started following Meera and Shreya, who are much greater rascals than Siddharth and Kallis. He illuminates them that the young ladies' thought process is to make men succumb to them, then, at that point, plunder their cash. He had at first distinguished Meera as one of the con artistes utilizing an unmistakable neckband that had been in the satchel grabbed from her, then, at that point, recognized her association with the folks, following which he had gone to Siddharth and Kallis' previous home in Chennai and had in the end followed them to Goa. Siddharth and Kallis observe their pack of cash missing and are heart-broken to find that the young ladies they had really cherished had deceived them. 

They bum a ride to Chennai with void pockets and gradually utilize their 'criminal' personalities to track down the young ladies. They sort out that the young ladies are at Delhi, with Meera in the personality of Ishita, an independent room plan expert, and defy them. Stunned, the young ladies return the sack of cash and request that they leave, however Siddharth recommends that they group up and share the sum they take in the following endeavor. In the event that the young ladies succumb to them all the while, they will stay together. In any case, they intend to share the plunder and head out in different directions. It is likewise uncovered that Meera's genuine name is Madhumitha and Shreya's genuine name is Varsha, and that the two of them were vagrants in a similar halfway house, who had taken to rascals in the wake of being tired of the duplicity in the public arena, particularly its men. Madhu and Varsha consent to Siddharth's arrangement. They choose to focus on a rich, old financial specialist, Sooraj Mehta, who eyes Madhu (as Ishita) in contemplation class. Varsha likewise becomes friends with Sooraj's significant other in rec center. 

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